Use The Law To Put Your Life Back In Balance

photo of the firm's legal team

Use The Law To Put Your Life Back In Balance

photo of the firm's legal team

Child Support Facts You Need For Your Divorce

If your divorce action is underway in the state of Washington, you should have the facts you need about child support responsibilities, whether you are the payer or recipient of support.

An experienced family law attorney who knows how to “crunch the numbers,” according to income-based calculations, can tell you how much you will owe or be owed over time. This same skilled lawyer would be qualified to advocate for you when a modification of financial support is requested or contested in the future.

In the greater Tacoma area, at Dorothy Bartholomew, PLLC provides informed guidance on child support and spousal support obligations, and any other collateral issue pertaining to divorce. Our respected law firm’s founder, along with associate Jada Wood, are your dependable guides through an often complex, frustrating legal process, especially when a divorce is contested and contentious, and may need to be litigated.

25-Plus Years Of Service To Washington State Clients

The Dorothy Bartholomew, PLLC law firm protects clients’ parental rights and “the best interest of the child” by working hard to:

  • Set expectations for child support payment amounts and frequency
  • Handle any changes to support contributions caused by a sudden, substantial change in personal circumstance
  • Pursue or oppose a proposed modification of support
  • Pursue or oppose a court-ordered “enforcement” of support obligations
  • Support unmarried fathers’ efforts to provide support in return for increased access to a child of a relationship

Has your former spouse and co-parent refused to take his or her support responsibilities seriously?

Has a lost job or expensive hospitalization led to the need to revise support obligations?

For any child support-related matter, short-term or long-range, the knowledgeable divorce attorney whose counsel you can trust is Dorothy A. Bartholomew in Fife.

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