Use The Law To Put Your Life Back In Balance

photo of the firm's legal team

Use The Law To Put Your Life Back In Balance

photo of the firm's legal team

I Have Filed For Chapter 13. Now What?

Chapter 13 bankruptcies are more complicated than filing under Chapter 7. However, our bankruptcy attorneys, Dorothy Bartholomew and Jada Wood, can guide you through the process to ensure the best possible outcome.

Create A Repayment Plan

Before filing for bankruptcy, our team can help you devise a three- to five-year repayment plan for handling your debts. You will also need to take a credit counseling course.

File Your Bankruptcy Forms

To start Chapter 13, you will file your forms with the court clerk, pay the filing fee and present a certificate proving you took the mandatory credit counseling course.

Get Your Plan Confirmed

Once you file your forms, your creditors have the opportunity to object to the plan at a confirmation hearing. Our attorneys can represent you during the hearing.

Follow Your Plan

How long it takes to repay your debts depends on how much you earn. Most filers have five-year plans. You may be able to modify your plan if your income changes or have your debts discharged due to hardship.

Attend Debtor Education

At some point during your repayment plan, you will need to complete a second debtor education course.

End Your Case

At the end of your repayment plan, you will need to prove that you are current on child support and alimony and have completed the budget counseling course. If you meet all the requirements, the remaining balance on your qualifying debts is erased.

How Can We Help?

Your initial consultation with experienced bankruptcy attorney Dorothy Bartholomew can be scheduled right now if you contact us at 253-458-4238 or by using the online contact form

We are a debt relief law firm that counsels clients according to Federal Bankruptcy Code.